Our Advisory Services Team offers a differentiated and holistic approach to business owners who often find themselves at a crossroads and need help with taking their companies to the next level . Understanding that at its core, any business is a collection of processes and systems, our objective advice, solutions, and services identify and fix the process and systemic problems impairing profitable revenue growth and value creation. Areas of focus include: 

  • Business model, strategic planning, and execution improvement. 
  • Growth plan development and execution. 
  • Process improvement: Sales/marketing, people/culture, accounting/finance, and operations. 
  • Operating and corporate governance assessment and development. 
  • High-growth situation corporate infrastructure development. 


The most successful business sale or capital raise transactions are the ones best planned. Services include: 

  • Exit planning, including understanding and improving drivers of value, lessening owner dependence, and mitigating problems of customer concentration. 
  • Reverse due diligence and/or quality of earnings assessment and improvement. 
  • Process, accounting, and internal controls improvement. 
  • Documentation of processes, improvements, and accomplishments. 
  • Resolution or mitigation of multi-owner issues. 


Our owner advisory services provide advice to owners they can’t obtain from other advisors. Knowing that owners can’t be experts in everything, we provide the bench strength they need when they need it. 

Services include: 

  • Strategic planning and execution improvement. 
  • Owner/executive coaching, and financial management skill development. 
  • Virtual or fractional chief operating officer, chief financial officer, or board of director services. 
  • On-demand business and operating advice. 
  • Owner accountability services. 
  • Multi-owner or family business mediation and conflict resolution. 

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What is Exit and Sale Readiness Planning?

  • Exit and Sale Readiness planning is about preparing businesses and owners for the transfer of a business at the highest possible value, regardless of whether a sale is near-term, or years into the future. 
  • It is about building and maintaining sustainable and transferable businesses, so that owners can sell or transfer ownership on their terms and timetable. 

Exit and Sale Readiness Planning Includes:

  • An objective assessment on the company’s value.
  • Understanding of, and focus on, what drives value in the business, and how well the company is performing in those areas.
  • Analysis of the company’s readiness to be transferred to a new owner, considering all major functions of the business: sales, talent acquisition and development, strategy and vision, financial management, and customer satisfaction.
  • Assessment of the alignment of a company’s strategic processes, its people processes, and its operational processes, in short, its ability to execute. 
  • Preparation of an executable plan to accomplish meaningful improvements in the business, based on what is learned from analysis and assessment. 
  • A managed process of making business process improvements, with measurements and accountability, designed to produce results and produce the most saleable company possible. 
  • Cleaning up accounting, documentation, corporate governance, tax, and internal control loose ends which may impact a potential buyer’s assessment of the business and its value. 
  • Education for the owners about the sales process, and what buyer’s will be looking at in accessing a business and its value.
  • Guiding and coaching business owners to take steps that enhance the company’s value to potential buyers.
  • Focus on the owners’ personal wealth and estate planning situation, to assure that pre-sale planning to maximize after-tax return is undertaken.

Consideration of structural alternatives for a sale or merger transaction to maximize after-tax results for both selling owners and potential buyers.